Fiscal Responsibility

Technology & Services

Smart Development and Sustainable Growth

Jim and Keith with stabilize taxes, grow responsibly and deliver a new vision for Teaneck

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More Affordable Transportation and Parking Options

Imagine, as a Teaneck resident you could use UBER or LYFT at greatly reduced cost to go between our business districts.

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Innovation with Technology

Jim and Keith are dedicated to finding innovative ways to use technology to serve the needs of our residents. They feel that the residents of Teaneck should be able to register for community programs, and pay the fee if necessary, through an easy to use online portal. They also want to upgrade the parks and recreation permitting process, moving from the current paper system to one which allows for computer based permit requests, and an up to date calendar so everyone can know at a glance what areas in our parks are available for sports and community events.

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Open Communication with the Residents

We believe that we can achieve great things through better communication. We want to hold Issue based forums outside of Council meetings to give our residents an opportunity to share their views on specific topics. We would even like to see these forums televised so those that cannot make the forum can look in at home or review it at a later time. With this type of input, the Council can begin to think more strategically about budgeting and our planning activities in order to align the town's resources with its residents

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Public/Private Partnerships

How can the township assist our small businesses?   Through economies of scale, we want to explore if it would be possible to help Teaneck businesses to enter into e-commerce that perhaps they cannot afford to do themselves. We want to look at new ways to help business in Teaneck. Through regular ongoing dialogue with our business community, we feel the township can have an even stronger small business community.  In addition, we want to look at the possibility of featuring space on our website for local businesses.

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Full Review of the Township Codes

We want to be a good place for residents to be able to get permits and enhance properties as easily as possible without jeopardizing resident safety. Many of the codes contractors and homeowners have to deal with are decades old and need to be reviewed. We want  to see a township code that is modern, easy to understand, ensures safety for residents and is not a barrier to enhancing the housing stock of our township

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The word "Teaneck" ran afoul of Teaneck's sign ordinance. The owner filed an appeal to the Planning Board.

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