Dunleavy and Kaplan: Improvements to Technology and Communication

Technological Improvements

Jim and Keith have proposed that we adopt an online sign-up system for programs in the Rodda Center and for facilities, such as tennis courts and fields in parks around the Township.  As demand for use of our Votee Parks Sportsplex and other areas increase, it will become increasingly complicated to deal with these demands, without these innovations.

But the technological updates are about far more than mere convenience.  When we task employees with preparation of paper forms, removing checks from envelopes and all of the time-consuming issues that go along with paper applications, we take them away from other tasks they could be doing.  Think about the productivity that can be realized by providing our employees with the tools they need to succeed.  If we are able to free up even a third of someone’s workday, we may be able to reduce headcounts through attrition, leading to cost savings to the taxpayer as well — all without a loss in services.

Communication Is Crucial

And yet, for all of the options available to residents, the one comment we hear most often is: I had no idea that [amentiy] existed!

A mini-library sits on Warwick Avenue in Teaneck
Signs for parks inform parents in shopping districts in MA
A mini-library available outside municipal parks in MA

One very simple proposal Keith brought up as a member of the Parks, Playgrounds and Recreation Advisory Board (PPRAB) was to add signage to our residential areas indicating locations of parks.  we also want to add mini-libraries for residents to share books, as well.

We’re constantly hearing from people that they never knew we had a dog park or exercise or equipment or pools or… [your favorite amenity here].

Some residents have already taken this up themselves.  On the right, you can see a mini-library set up with a bench on Warwick Ave. here in Teaneck.

The township tasks a human being with opening envelopes, sorting and depositing checks and collating forms for programs.  This requires an inordinate amount of hours — time that could be put to more productive use if simple, already available technologies were deployed strategically throughout our Township.  Currently, pdf forms are printed, sent in with payments and refunds are hand written on checks.  While each of these acts take a few seconds, the scope of the complete undertaking demands action.

As we grow, our kids, our parks and our greater community must be permitted to adapt and grow, as well. Important work has already taken place.  Jim and Keith have been involved with updates to Votee Park Sportsplex, new fields, a splash pad and other amenities bringing new life to recreation options around the Township.  They also plan to hold listening sessions with residents where we can discuss your vision for how to expand on these projects.

We have wonderful facilities and many of them are underutilized throughout the Township.  Let’s harness available technology to let people know what we have available and what the Township has to offer.

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